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Homebase – Grade 5 Bankers Safe

News 5SMP Security is very proud of the high security of the safes we manufacture. To demonstrate the high quality and also the fire proof protection we recently had a Grade 5 Bankers SMP safe brought back from a Homebase store.

The safe had been subjected to a fire which continued for over 3 hours and the safe was brought back to SMP in order to open it and get the contents out. It took 3 members of qualified staff 4 hours to get into the safe to recover the contents. Judging from the amount of noise made when trying to get into the safe intruders would have no chance of breaking into the safe without raising some alarms.

The contents of the safe were retrieved and Homebase are able to make a successful claim! This example clearly demonstrates the excellent quality SMP safes are all manufactured to!



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