Steel Door Scheme

Published on Wed, Jan 16, 2019 10:08 AM

At the beginning of last year, news began to spread regarding planned and targeted attacks on banks across the UK. It appeared the focal point of the targets were the banks security doors, as these were considered easy to breach. Due to the circulating news of these attacks, one high street bank called upon the support of our teams and engineers. Our engineers travelled around the UK visiting branches in the North West, Derby and Nottingham to survey a number of doors which were deemed vulnerable to a possible breach.

In total, 29 sites were identified overall, with 37 doors needing replacing with high quality graded security doors. Like all our large projects, we have project managers and security and alarm contractors on hand at our offices working closely with the company to ensure all projects were able to run with minimal disruption.

Due to this need for a lack of disturbance to the company, most of the installations were completed out of hours so that there was no need for branches to close. By doing this, the project was able to be completed ahead of scheduled time, whilst upholding the standard and quality of the work needed.

Emergency Response

In March 2016, a high street bank in Wales suffered from one of the aforementioned attacks. As a result of this attack, one of the security doors had become damaged and was in crucial need of replacing. Due to the high security needs of a bank, this needed to be done in rapid time. The bank called on our 24 hour helpline and were able to arrange for engineers to be sent to their site the following day. Once engineers arrived they met with the security manager and surveyed the door.

Following the site survey, our project managers got to work arranging for a new, high quality, graded security door to be manufactured and installed. The entire project was completed in under a week, causing minimal disruption to the business and the branch.

In the wake of an attack such as these, it may seem difficult to get a branch back up and running as it were before. However, due to quick response times and a dedicated and experienced team of project managers, this allowed the bank to continue to deliver their services as normal, whilst the jobs ran smoothly.