How far does the door swing out on all SMP safes?

90 degrees out to 180 degrees if space allows.


Do you provide safe installation?

Yes, we have our own team of engineers who will come and install your safe. Installation prices may vary depending on what it is you are purchasing. Call 01952 585 673 to get a quote.

Do SLS safes belong to SMP?

SLS was purchased by SMP in 1984 to form the Wormald Group, we continue to manufacture SLS cash safes for the UK, Europe, Far & Middle East.


Do SMP service and repair SLS and other makes?

SMP Security Soltions provide service on most manufacturers products.


What kind of budget will I need for a bespoke safe or security solution?

The costs of our safes and security solutions varies quite a lot depending on your exact requirements. To get a better idea of the costs involved, why not get in touch or give us a call on 01952 585673 and we'll be able to advise you further.

What happens if I forget the code of my safe?

It is likely that one of our engineers would have to come out. They will then either use the override code to gain access – if the safe has this feature, or have to drill into the safe to gain access. This will come at a call out cost, to get a quote call 01952 585 632.

Safe Information

Where is the best place to locate a safe?

The best and most common places to have your safe installed in your home would be somewhere that is out of view from visitors. Under the stairs, in pantries or in closets are the most widely used installation locations.

What can I keep in my safe?

Whatever you wish to keep inside your safe is up to you, it may be items of monetary value or even sentimental items you wish to keep safe. Commonly stored items include cash, jewellery, watches, and important documents such as passports, deeds, and wills.

What does a safe cash rating mean?

The cash rating of a safe is the amount of cash in which you can store in the safe at any given time.

What does a safe valuable rating mean?

The valuable rating of a safe is the amount of valuables in which you can store in the safe at any given time.


What does a multiple bleeping mean after code entry?

If your safe is repeatedly bleeping after entering your code this means that the battery needs to be replaced or the code is incorrect.

What happens if the battery dies?

If the batteries inside your safe die then one of our engineers would have to come out. They will then have to drill into the safe to change the batteries. This will come at a call out cost. For a quote on the cost please call 01952 585 632.

Identification of Keys

Can SMP re-cut my safe keys?

We will always need a sample of the key that you want re cut and also written permission from the Head of Security or individual in charge. If you haven’t got a key sample then we can send out one of our service employees who will analyse the lock to establish the right key.


If I have an old safe how do I find out the manufacturer?

Examine the safe record any numbers stamped on the product. These are usually found on the locking bolt, hinges or plates affixed to the door. SMP will try from the information provided to establish the manufacturer.