High-security home safes available at SMP Security

Published on Thu, Feb 7, 2019 10:02 AM

Protect your valued possessions with an SMP home safe

At SMP Security, a variety of our UK manufactured Eurograde safes are perfectly suited to domestic environments. Our domestic safes offer the ideal secure storage solution for personal assets, cash & important documentation that is stored within your home. Having a safe installed within your home provides peace of mind that valued goods are sufficiently stored and protected against the risks of loss, damage & theft. Our range of high-security Eurograde safes offer varying levels of protection for your valuables, suiting a variety of our graded safes better to home environments, and higher graded safes suited better to commercial environments.

Choosing the ideal safe for your requirements is dependant on a number of vital factors. The most important factor to consider before purchasing a safe is the value of goods, both cash & valuable items, that you are wishing to store within your safe. Knowing this crucial information will provide significant ease when determining the grading level you require, or size of your safe. At SMP Security, our UK manufactured Eurograde safes are available in Grades 0 to 5, offering between £6,000 in recommended overnight cash cover, up to a staggering £100,000 in recommended overnight cash cover. The amount of recommended cover offered for each safe should provide transparency for our customers when they are in the process of choosing the ideal safe for their needs.

By opting for a Eurograde safe and choosing the ideal grading and level of recommended cash cover for the items you wish to store within your safe, this enables our clients to cover the contents of their high-security safe through their insurance provider, if this is something they wish to do. Covering the contents of your safe through your insurance provider will provide additional peace of mind that your valued items are secure within your home. Having sufficient domestic security solutions in place is essential for the protection of personal assets. Without sufficient domestic security solutions these items are at a much greater risk of damage, loss & theft.

Domestic security solutions offer the opportunity to ensure that items of value, cash and sentimental belongings are protected, not only against damage or theft, but also from fire, heat or water damage. A selection of our high-security domestic safes offer between 30 & 60 minutes of fire protection, and water-resistant linings within the body of the safe.

If you are looking for the ideal secure storage solution for your valued possessions within your home, then look no further than SMP Security. We manufacture all of our Eurograde safes in our UK manufacturing plant, enabling us to provide the utmost efficiency for our clients in regards to the supply, manufacture, delivery & installation of our high-security safes. With nationwide service carried our by our expert safe and lock engineers, and a full fleet of companies vehicles stocked with parts for every eventuality, our clients can rest assured that the service we provide exceeds the high standards we hold for ourselves. Our Eurograde safes are tested & certified to ensure they meet both British & European standards for safes, and have been approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors.

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