Our UK Manufactured Grade 1 Safes offer high-security storage solutions

Published on Thu, Jan 24, 2019 11:55 AM

At SMP Security, we offer a range of high-security UK manufactured Grade 1 safes, which provides the ideal security solution for both domestic and commercial properties. Ensuring that your home or business premises has sufficient security measures in place to protect items of value, company assets, important documentation or sentimental items such as family heirlooms is essential for achieving peace of mind. Domestic security solutions and commercial security solutions can include a vast array of products, but with our range of graded safes, our clients can rest assured that items stored within an SMP safe are at a significantly reduced risk of loss, damage or theft.

Utilising a Grade 1 safe within your home or business will ensure that items of value are appropriately and securely stored, preventing unauthorised personnel gaining access to these goods. Whether you are looking to protect your personal assets within your home, or require a secure location within your business for securing petty cash, documentation or company assets, our range of Grade 1 safes offers the ideal security solution for your needs.

Our Grade 1 safes have been independently tested and certified to ensure they meet both British and European standards for safes. We offer a full range of graded safes, between grade 0 and grade 5, ensuring our clients can find the ideal solution for their needs from our range of UK manufactured security solutions. By having a Grade 1 safe from SMP Security installed within your domestic or commercial premises, this will not only provide a secure storage solution for your valued goods, but our graded safes have recommended overnight cash cover & valuables cover attributed to them. Our Grade 1 safes offer a recommended cash cover of £10,000 and recommended valuables cover of £100,000, which ensures that your personal or company assets can be covered via your insurance provider, if this is something you wish to do.

At SMP Security, we not only manufacture a wide range of high-security solutions including our Grade 1 safes, we also offer a range of security services to provide a hassle-free experience for our clients. Our nationwide services include:

  • Safe delivery and installation services
    • Safe relocation and removal services
    • Safe maintenance and service
    • After sales service
  • If you are looking for the ideal security solution for your home or business needs and would benefit from the added security protection that is offered with our cash and valuables ratings in our range of Eurograde safes, then get in touch with a member of our expert team today to find out more about our Grade 1 safes or our full range of graded safes. Give us a call on 01952 585 673 to discuss your security requirements today and our team can help you find the ideal security solution for your individual needs!