Preventing Commercial Burglaries

Published on Mon, Sep 11, 2017 1:33 PM

Commercial Security Solutions

Keeping your business secure is not only vital for the protection of your assets and confidential data but also yourself and your staff members. 

By implementing a few simple security strategies the safety of your business could be significantly increased. Burglars are opportunists. They find easy targets and take advantage their weaknesses. 

By strengthening or eliminating your weaknesses you limit the amount of opportunity for a burglar to take advantage of you.

How to Increase Commercial Security

Light It Up

Burglars love the dark. It helps to conceal them whilst they sneak around your property looking for a way in. Lighting up the outside of your premises makes it harder for unwanted guests to loiter in the shadows.

Motion sensor lights are ideal for businesses that don’t want to leave the lights on all night, as they automatically turn on when movement is detected. They also help to draw more attention to the property when someone is potentially trying to force their way in.

Increase Window Security

Windows often make an easy entry point for a burglar. It’s always good practice to ensure that all windows are locked at the end of each working day.

For extra security, installing window grilles or shutters to the outside of your property makes them much harder to access and also protects them from vandals.

Alarm Bells

There are many different types of alarmed security systems on the market today and they don’t have to be expensive.

From simple, unmonitored bells-only alarms which ring out when a break in is detected to monitored alarms which are usually connected to an external security company, who monitor your premises for a fee.

Access Control & Key Security

Implementing access control and key fob security both externally and internally helps to stop anyone from gaining unauthorised access to your property and private areas within your property.

This is an ideal measure for a business that may store highly confidential information and documents with the added benefit from reduced insurance premiums.

Keeping Valuables Safe

Installing a commercial safe will keep your valuables, cash and important documents secure and out of sight, providing an added peace of mind should anyone illegally gain access to your premises.

At SMP Security we manufacture all our safes right here in the UK and take pride in producing top quality, high-security solutions for all our customers. 

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