​Top 10 Home Security Tips

Published on Thu, Nov 12, 2015 11:25 AM

Top 10 Home Security Tips

Crime traditionally rises during the winter months as darker evenings lend more opportunities to burglars and criminals.

However, a few simple steps can be taken in order to secure your home and valuables.

  1. Lock doors and windows – simple but effective. It’s surprising how many homeowners forget to do the basics and check that every door and window is securely locked before leaving the property or going to bed.
  2. Use a safe – a home safe is a great way to make sure that your valuables such as jewellery or important documents are secure. Insurers also tend to reduce their quotes for homes with safes.
  3. Time-switch lights – if you’re getting home late or the evenings are dark as you leave work, why not try a time-switch light system? A timed system will come on when you set it so your home will be well-lit and unappealing to burglars.
  4. Don’t hide keys – unfortunately, burglars often watch houses before entering them. Therefore, hiding keys can often be dangerous. It is typically more secure to leave one set of spare keys with a rusted family member or neighbour in order to keep the home secure.
  5. Use a security alarm system – alarms can be a great way of deterring builders. Many systems use noise, lights and a connection to the emergency services to scare away would-be burglars from the property.
  6. Have light entrances – ensure that doorways are well-lit so as to show burglars that the house is in use and likely to be populated.
  7. Keep your garden organised – keep your garden trim during the winter to show burglars that you are usually in the house. Also secure your garden furniture by storing it away safely in a garage or secure shed.
  8. Maintenance – before winter begins and at least once during the winter period, it is a good idea to check your roof tiles. Ice can damage the tiles and cause expensive and extensive damage through rook leaks.
  9. Secure your outbuildings –people often forget their outbuildings but they often contain valuable items such as mountain bikes and valuable DIY tools.
  10. Keep your tools safe – take time to secure your garden and home tools in addition to other tools like ladders. This ensures that burglars cannot use your items in order to break into your property.  

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