Why Should We Buy British?

Published on Fri, Aug 11, 2017 11:01 AM

Buying British

Buying British made products, as Britons, should be our first port of call.

Nowadays a lot of products, especially those we purchase online, are imported from all over the world because it is often cheaper to do so. This means that as a consumer we end up saving money, but are we failing to support our own economy in doing so?

British products are usually associated with high-quality goods in the eyes over overseas shoppers. The ‘Made In Britain’ label is widely respected all over the world. According to a survey conducted by Statista, the UK was actually ranked as the 4th most respected ‘Made In’ label in the world.

‘Made In’ labels tend to pay tribute to the tradition, heritage and above all else, quality of the products produced by the named country.

Originally introduced to the UK in the 19th Century to try and protect the economy from poor quality, cheap and occasionally counterfeit products coming in from Germany, the Made In Britain label has lamented itself as a badge of honour for our homemade products. 

UK Manufacturing 

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) work to promote and support the UK automotive industry, both in the UK and overseas. They believe that by buying a car made in Britain, you are supporting the British economy.

The society reported in their 2014 ‘Motor Industry Facts’ publication that 80% of components of a vehicle can be made in the UK.

 Why Choose British Products? 

  • The design of British-made products is world renowned
  • British food travels a much shorter distance from a British farm to our stores, meaning the products have a much lower carbon footprint than most imported foods
  • Choosing British products means supporting our farmers, whose job it is to keep our countryside looking the way we like it
  • Buying British goods supports the industries in Britain and helps to protect and create jobs in the UK. Instead of buying products from overseas, we should invest our money in our own economy rather than others
  • By buying British, we are showing our support and encouraging our home-grown talent, whilst also helping with the current environmental effort and celebrating our own skills

UK Safes

All of our products are manufactured and made in Britain. We take pride in supporting our economy, creating jobs and advertising the skills and hard work put in by our manufacturers and engineers.

Working throughout the UK, we also currently export to over 18 countries worldwide. We are always looking to expand into new markets in continue promoting our quality, British made products around the world.

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