Custodian Underfloor Safe

Our UK manufactured SMP Custodian underfloor safe offers £6,000 in recommended overnight cash cover. Constructed with a high-grade steel door and body and fitted with high quality locking with live anti-explosive device and a fire resistant door seal, this underfloor safe provides a secure storage solution for both home security and business security requirements. The fire resistant seal between the door and the body provides further protection for important documentation against heat or fire damage. Our Custodian underfloor safe is available in 2 sizes and can be fitted with additional locking options.

Recommended cash cover: £6,000*.

*Up to ten times the actual cash cover can be covered for jewellery.

All cash covers and jewellery covers should be verified with customers’ individual insurance companies, Custodian underfloor safes are designed to secure a large amount of jewellery or cash and are ideal for small businesses.

To find out more about Custodian underfloor safes, telephone 01952 585673 or email us.

Safe Doors

The door is made from 12.7mm BS4360/43A mild steel plate with strategically positioned hardened steel sections to protect all vital parts of the boltwork and locking mechanisms. The six moving bolts, of 29mm diameter mild steel, give high security by engaging into individual bolt holes in the body. Two 3.2mm cyanide hardened plates protect the 7 lever lock against a total of 22mm of steel over the door.

Safe Body

The body is fabricated from 3mm and 5mm thick BS 4360/43A mild steel and is continuously welded by CO2 processes. The minimum components are used in the construction of the body reducing weld seams.

Safe Locking System

The custodian floor safe is fitted with a high quality 7 lever key lock as standard, with a European tested 3 wheel combination lock supplied as an optional extra. Multiple locking facilities are available if required. The locking mechanism is further protected by a live anti-explosive device.

Fire Protection

A seal of fire resistant material is placed between the door and the body ensuring a high level of fire protection to contents.

Specifications Internal Dimensions (mm) Clear Door Opening (mm) Weight (kg) Capacity (litres)
Model A B C
Model 12 480 339 303 345 x 254 63 49
Model 18 480 339 442 345 x 254 68.5 71