Keeping Jewellery Stores Safe During Valentines – Top 10 Tips

The Valentines period is a great time for jewellers as stores often become busy with individuals hoping to buy their loved ones special items to mark this romantic occasion and profits can soar. However, busier shops often mean a higher security risk and it’s important to keep expensive items secure in such periods.Here at SMP Security we understand how important it is to protect valuable jewellery. To keep your store safe this Valentines, follow our top ten security tips specially… read more

What are Cash Ratings & Valuables Ratings?

All of our safes have cash ratings and valuables ratings and we get asked a lot what that actually means so we've broken it down into this really useful infographic below. Let us know what you think! read more

Security Solutions for the Education Sector

Schools, colleges and universities can be busy places with documents and cash exchanging hands regularly from exam papers to school trip and dinner money. For this reason, it is important that cash and documents are stored securely while on the premises.Why Secure Cash & Documents?This might seem like an obvious question but there can be a number of different reasons for you to need to secure cash and exam papers. Firstly, in the event of a fire, safes and cabinets can provide protectio… read more

What to Store in Your Domestic Safe

Domestic safes can provide that extra bit of home security and peace of mind for your valuables in the event of a burglary. Whether you are considering buying a home safe to store one particular item or a number of different things, here’s a rundown of the most important things that could (and should) be kept under secure lock and key.Important DocumentsIf you choose to store important documents in your home, giving them that added protection from loss, theft and damage by putting them … read more

Jewellers, Don’t Let a Rise in Romance Ruin Your Festive Season

The days might be getting colder but love is warming our hearts it seems. Figures show that almost 50% of proposals happen over the Christmas period with more people getting down on one knee in December than any other month of the year.They could be taking the opportunity while spending more time with loved ones over the holiday period or it could be the lure of getting a great festive deal on an engagement ring, either way this can lead to a huge increase in jewellers takings and thus an … read more