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Our UK-manufactured cash & money safes offer the ideal secure storage solution for the protection of cash and valuables across both Domestic Security and Commercial Security requirements.

Available in a range of sizes and grades and offering various cash ratings, our money safes are approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors which ensures they are insurance recommended. We manufacture our range of high-security solutions to comply with both British and European standards. With over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of money safes, you can be confident that your home security and business security needs can be met through us.

SMP Safes are tested and certified by the LPCB, making sure they adhere to British Standards and European Standards for safes, including LPS 1183 Issue 4 and EN 1143-1:2015. They provide up to 60 minutes of fire protection for paper, as certified by the BRE following their fire-safe testing to BS 476 part 20.

Our Cash Safes are suitable for a variety of business sectors’ security needs, fulfilling the requirements for retail security, banking security, pharmaceutical security & betting security to name a few. With between £6,000 and £100,000 recommended overnight cash cover, our Eurograde Safes provide a high-security solution to suit the needs of both domestic and commercial premises.

We also offer a range of UK-manufactured underfloor safes, offering the optimal security solution in homes or small businesses where there is limited space available for a free-standing safe. Having an underfloor safe installed within your premises offers a discrete security solution, ensuring that your valued goods are securely stored out of sight.

Made In Britain

Community Grade 0

The Community Grade 0 Safe from SMP Security is a compact security solution for protecting your valuables and cash from unauthorised removal…

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Community Grade 1

Our UK manufactured Community Grade 1 safe has been designed to provide a secure storage solution in both domestic and commercial settings…

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Community Grade 2

Designed for higher domestic and business use, the Community Grade 2 safe provides a secure storage solution for a variety of individual security needs…

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Community Grade 3

Designed for the Jewellery trade or for larger business use, the SMP Community Grade 3 safe offers £35,000 in cash cover and £350,000 in valuables cover…

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Community Grade 4

Designed to combat the complete spectrum of modern criminal attack, the SMP Community Grade 4 safe offers a high-security solution…

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Community Grade 5

Our UK manufactured SMP Community Grade 5 is the result of several years of meticulous design, development and in-house testing…

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Community Grade 6

Our UK manufactured SMP Community Grade 6 is the result of several years of meticulous design, development and in-house testing…

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The Birthplace of Industry

We pride ourselves on creating exceptional UK-manufactured security solutions out of our Telford facility. Telford is advertised as ‘The Birthplace of Industry’, located in close proximity to the Ironbridge Gorge area which is recognised as an important location for The Industrial Revolution.

SMP Security has always had its home within Telford since it was founded in 1974, we’re extremely proud to not only be a Made in Britain company but to also provide economical growth for the town in which we have flourished.