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Bespoke Safes & Cabinets

We offer bespoke solutions to guarantee your security needs are entirely fulfilled.

At SMP Security, we specialise in the design and manufacture of Bespoke Safes, secure storage cabinets and secure cash handling systems to suit your specific needs. Our Bespoke Services allow our clients to customise a security solution to fulfil all necessary requirements for their individual security needs.

Our expert safe manufacturers are able to provide unique security solutions to meet the specifications of each project they are presented with. Utilising our Bespoke Security Service ensures that our clients receive a solution that satisfies their home security or business security requirements, whilst offering a personal and individual touch.

We aim to provide the highest standard security solutions that exceed all client expectations when providing our Bespoke Safes & Bespoke Cabinets.

We understand that there are instances when a standard solution may not suffice. That’s precisely why we offer Bespoke Safes, tailored to provide entirely unique secure storage solutions that perfectly cater to our client’s needs.

Our SMP Bespoke Safes undergo meticulous manufacturing processes, adhering to the highest standards. We utilize cutting-edge technology and premium materials to ensure the final product complies with British and European standards, guaranteeing a secure storage solution for valuable assets.

As a proud Made in Britain company, we have the ability to construct bespoke safes and cabinets that perfectly align with the spatial, design, and security requirements of your home or business. Rather than merely aiming to fulfil your security needs, we go a step further to ensure that you receive precisely what you desire and require. By entrusting our experts to craft a bespoke solution tailored specifically for you, you can have the peace of mind that your expectations will be not only met but exceeded.

In-house designers

Our in-house designers actively collaborate with you throughout the entire process of developing bespoke solutions. They provide CAD drawings and sketches that align with the specifications you provide. The presence of our in-house design team brings numerous advantages. Notably, their close working relationship with our in-house manufacturing team streamlines communication and ultimately leads to superior end results.

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We take great pride in our ability to create exceptional security solutions that are manufactured right here in the UK at our Telford facility. Telford, known as ‘The Birthplace of Industry,’ holds a significant position due to its close proximity to the Ironbridge Gorge area, which is widely recognized as a crucial location during The Industrial Revolution.

Ever since our establishment in 1974, SMP Security has always called Telford its home. We are immensely proud not only to be a Made in Britain company but also to contribute to the economic growth of the town where we have thrived.