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At SMP Security, we’ve been manufacturing a vast range of Security Solutions for both Domestic Security and Commercial Security requirements for over 40 years. Based in the heart of Telford, our manufacturing plant produces innovative security products to offer a secure storage solution for a range of cash and valuables.

Our range of UK manufactured safes are built to fulfil both British and European standards for safes, in addition to holding the approval of the Association of Insurance Surveyors. With a range of Cash Safes suitable for Domestic Security and Commercial Security requirements, high-grade Steel Security Cabinets and Controlled Drugs Cabinets and Steel Security Doors, our product range fulfils a variety of security needs.

SMP Safes and Cabinets offer an ideal secure storage solution for a wide range of sectors, offering products to exceed the requirements for retail security, betting security, education security and for jeweller’s security needs.

We not only manufacture our standard range of Cash Safes, Security Cabinets and Steel Security Doors, but we also offer Bespoke Solutions tailored to your exact specifications.

Can’t find the ideal security solution for your needs? Get in touch with a member of the team to discuss your bespoke security requirements today.

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Cash Safes

Our UK manufactured Cash Safes offer the ideal
secure storage solution for protecting cash and valuables
for both Domestic Security and Commercial Security
requirements. Available in a range of sizes, grades and
offering various cash ratings, our Cash Safes are approved
by the Association of Insurance Surveyors which
ensures they are insurance recommended.

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Deposit Safes

Our UK manufactured Deposit Safes offer a high-
security solution to meet the requirements for jewellers
security needs, betting shops, and other a variety of
retailers security needs. Cash Deposit Safes are designed
to provide a secure deposit facility for cash
and valued goods without the need to
open the safe door.

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Security Cabinets

At SMP Security, we manufacture a range of high-security cabinets for the safe storage of high-value assets and controlled medicines. Our High-Security Cabinets and Medicine Cabinets are widely used across a range of industries to meet the requirements for retail security, medical premises, education premises, law enforcement security and commercial offices.

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Underfloor Safes

Our Underfloor Safes offer exceptionally high standards of security with a combination of modern design principles and over 40 years of manufacturing experience. Available in a variety of sizes with approved locking techniques, our Underfloor Safes offer a practical and discrete security solution for both Domestic and Commercial Security requirements.

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Security Doors

We supply Fire Doors, Vault Doors, Strongroom Doors and Book Room Security Doors, suitable for a variety of industries security requirements. Ensuring the forefront of your premises, or restricted areas within your premises, are sufficiently secured is essential, and with a Steel Security Door from SMP Security, you can rest assured that unauthorised access cannot be gained.

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Bespoke Solutions

Our expert safe manufactures endeavour to provide unique security solutions to meet the specifications of each project they are presented with. Utilising our Bespoke Security Service ensures that our client’s receive a solution that satisfies their home security or business security requirements, whilst offering a personal and individual touch.

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Safe Locks

Our range of Cash Safes, Deposit Safes, Underfloor Safes and Cabinets can be fitted with a variety of safe locks to suit the clients preference, from key locking mechanisms to digital safe locks and biometric systems, we offer it all.

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UK Manufactured Solutions

Our range of high-security safes and cabintets are
manufactured in our very own facility based in ‘The Birthplace of Industry’ – Telford.

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Years of experience

We have over 40 years of experience manufacturing
security solutions to suit a vast range of secure
storage requirements covering both Domestic and Commercial risks.

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Bespoke options

We understand that security isn’t a one size fits
all solution, so we offer a Bespoke Security Service
to ensure that our clients receive a solution that
meets their exact specifications.

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