Flood Response

Published on Thu, Jun 22, 2017 1:51 PM

Over Christmas and New Year 2015/16, the UK experienced its worst weather for a long time with the country being battered by continuous storms affecting homes and businesses and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Not even high street shops were immune; a major high street bank suffered damage to its safes and strong rooms.

At such a busy time for banks, these issues needed to be dealt with quickly in order for the branches to resume normal service. The Associated Security team worked with security staff at the branches in Yorkshire and Lancashire to assess and fix the damaged safes and strong rooms.

One particular branch in Lancashire had suffered flooding in the basement which contained their strong room. When our engineers arrived, response teams had already begun to pump the water from the basement. One of our specialist safe openers then set to work to drill open the strong room door. Following this, they returned to site on a daily basis for the next week to service the door to ensure it didn’t seize up.

Another site also suffered flooding damage, this time to one of their safes. The safe had to be drilled open too but unfortunately, it was discovered that the safe was too water damaged to repair so we delivered and installed a replacement unit.

Similar Issues

Similar issues were also tackled and resolved in branches across Lancashire and Yorkshire. Highly skilled engineers drilled open safes which locks had experienced water damage, removed those that were beyond repair and also installed new units once the areas had been cleared up.

Conference Calls

In order to keep both parties up to date on the progress of the project, project managers at Associated Security conducted daily conference with the bank which ensured that progress was going as it should and gave the bank peace of mind that the project was in safe hands. Quick response times to issues meant that there was limited disruption to services, especially as clients needed access to their money from local branches over the festive period.

When it comes to natural disasters, it can be difficult to prepare for the destruction they cause. For this reason, the quality of the situation management can prove vital to the resolution. We are happy to report that our quick and resourceful management helped a huge job to run very smoothly.