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What are cash and valuables ratings?

26th August 2022

Are you looking at buying a safe?

Generally a bit confused about what Cash and Valuables ratings are & mean? That’s where we come in with our industry expertise.

Cash & Valuables ratings set out the value of the goods the safe has been manufactured to protect. Therefore, a £6K cash-rated safe would cover £6,000 in cash / a value of £60,000 for other physical items. BUT – an essential piece of info here: if you are storing both cash & valuables within the safe, you’ve got to do a little calculation to figure out your cover.

How much money can I store?

So – say you want to store £2,000 in cash – that’s great, you’ve got the cover for that. What this means is you’ll have less cover left for the value of physical good you also want to store.

To calculate what’s left, you deduct the value of cash from your cash rating and then multiply the remainder by 10 (the valuables rating is always 10x the cash rating). Therefore, leaving you with £40,000 in valuables cover. Some insurance companies will specify these factors for you, which makes things a lot easier.

If you don’t have instructions of what grade you need from your insurance; then picking one is a daunting task!

Safe grades have corresponding cash/valuable ratings. Below is a table outlining the ratings for each safe grade:

Grade of Safe        Cash Rating        Valuable Rating
Grade 0                  £6,000                 £60,000
Grade 1                   £10,000               £100,000
Grade 2                   £17,500               £175,000
Grade 3                   £35,000              £350,000
Grade 4                   £60,000             £600,000
Grade 5                   £100,000           £1,000,000
Grade 6                   £150,000           £1,500,000


Cash ratings –

This tells you how much money you’re able to keep in your safe

• Valuable Ratings –
This is the total value of items you can store within your safe.

Suppose you wish to store both cash and valuables inside your safe at the same time. In that case, you can work out what can be covered by insurance by deducting the amount of money you wish to store from the cash rating and then times the remaining amount by 10 to work out the valuable rating you have left

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