Jewellers Safes

Jewellers safes from SMP Security provide the ultimate protection for your most valuable assets. 

Whether you're an independent jeweller or a large chain, the need to protect your high-value assets is the same. 

UK Safe Manufacturer

We have an extensive range of experience in the design and manufacture of high-security solutions for the jewellery trade, providing assurance for our clients that our security solutions will provide the best solution for their security needs. 

Our range of high-security jewellers safes can also be manufactured as lightweight safes for ease with 1st and 2nd floor deliveries and installations.

Our Community Grade safes in sizes 3520, 5020, 6020 & our Mini-Vault Community safes provide the ideal high-security protection for the jewellers sector, offering between £35,000 and £100,000 cash cover for your valued items. 

We also offer a range of steel security doors and high-security cabinets, as well as a safe maintenance and safe removal service.

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Security Solutions for Jewellers: