Security Solutions for The Education Sector

Published on Tue, Jan 12, 2016 2:54 PM

Education Safes

Schools, colleges and universities can be busy places with documents and cash exchanging hands regularly from exam papers to school trip and dinner money. For this reason, it is important that cash and documents are stored securely while on the premises.

Why Secure Cash and Documents?

This might seem like an obvious question but there can be a number of different reasons for you to need to secure cash and exam papers. Firstly, in the event of a fire, safes and cabinets can provide protection of around thirty minutes, minimising the damage and giving the fire service time to extinguish the flames. Secondly, cash and exam papers can be targeted by thieves looking to make a quick buck or benefit from stealing papers or answers but with highly secure locking options, you can ensure only those with permission can reach them. Finally, exam papers and student files can hold lots of personal information which needs to be secured away to ensure students’ data is protected.

Exam Paper Cabinets

Cabinets that have been specifically designed to store exam papers and other important documents should be located on the premises so as to conform to the JCQ conditions requiring a “box within a box”. This means that the cabinet must be stored in a room secured with a door that is solid or reinforced and locked with a high-security lock.

Most exam paper cabinets are also installed through fixings in the base of the cabinets (and/or sometimes in the rear) making them unmovable without a qualified engineer.

Cash Safes

From petty cash to larger accumulations of money, cash safes are a secure storage solution ideal for school, college and university offices. These safes come with a wide variety of cash ratings telling you how much money you can store in them under insurance guidelines. Before purchasing a cash safe, it is always best to check with your insurers which cash rating is required.

Deposit Options

Choosing a particular way to deposit cash or envelopes into the safe can streamline the way processes are handled. There is a wide range of deposit systems out there so it is easy to find one that will work best for you. Some options may include;

  • Drawer trap
  • Envelope slot
  • Dual unit drawer deposit
  • Rotary & capsule dual deposit
  • Rotunda deposit
  • Telescopic envelope deposit chute

While fairly self-explanatory, each deposit option has its own benefits depending on how many people need access to the various things in the safe. For example, the rotary and capsule dual deposit system allows deposits into two separately locked compartments within the safe meaning you won’t need two different safes to restrict access to contents.

Locking Options

Another way safe's for the education sector can be tailor made to suit each individual school, college or university is through different locking options. For example, a key lock is simple yet effective and provides a high level of security (just remember to store your keys safely!). An electronic lock is useful for when storing keys is an inconvenience. There is also the option of combining key lock and electronic lock in a dual locking option.

As technology advances, it begins to infiltrate the security products which can be provided. Biometric technology is a popular new locking option for safes and access control systems. The technology allows you to register users through fingerprint recognition (you can also use biometrics to recognise irises, faces, voices and hand prints) providing highly restricted access.

SMP Security Solutions

Here at SMP Security, we manufacture and deliver a wide range of safes and cabinets to schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments. Each solution can be tailor made to meet required specifications of each of our clients. If you would like some more information about our security solutions for the education sector, please browse our website or for a quote call 01952 585673