How Effective Is CCTV For Protecting Businesses?

Published on Tue, Sep 5, 2017 3:06 PM

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Business security is crucial in protecting the goods and data inside, along with your premises and staff members. 

Ensuring that the correct security measures are in place will not only help to protect the businesses assets but it will also provide peace of mind. CCTV systems are a useful and effective security measure to use, especially for businesses. These systems provide evidence of any attempted or successful break-ins or incidents of theft.

Is CCTV Really Worth It? 

A study conducted by Leicester University for National Home Security Month in 2016, came to the conclusion that CCTV systems are the most efficient way to protect your property from burglars. 

According to statistics sited in this study, the average commercial burglary costs the business £1,376 in losses. Researchers also found that burglars are much less likely to target properties with CCTV systems installed, or even those properties advertising warning signs that CCTV is in operation.

If burglars are caught on CCTV systems, the likelihood of the footage leading to an arrest and prosecution are much higher than it would be if these systems are not in place. This is why burglars tend to shy away from properties with CCTV and high security protection.

2016 Burglary Statistics 

  • According to the Office for National Statistics, in the year ending March 2016, there were 206,588 commercial burglaries recorded, compared to 193,773 domestic burglaries
  • The Commercial Victimisation Survey found that 40% of businesses reported shoplifting offences in 2016
  • The CVS also reported that the Wholesale and Retail sector experienced an increase in incidents of crime per 1,000 properties, from 12,358 in 2015 to 13,426 in 2016
  • The average cost of shoplifting per victim has also increased, in 2012 the cost per victim was £237, this figure has dramatically increased to £500 per victim
  • In comparison to smaller businesses, it was found that businesses with 50 or more employees experienced significantly more burglaries and burglary attempts. Businesses with just 1-9 employees experienced 150 incidents per 1,000 premises, those with 10-49 employees experienced 811 incidents per 1,000 premises and businesses with 50+ employees experienced 1,887 per 1,000 premises

The Importance of Security 

By ensuring your premises is adequately secured and protected, this can deter burglars from targeting the business and helps to keep the property inside, along with the staff members, sufficiently safeguarded from theft or attack.

Installing CCTV, along with simple measures such as motion sensor lighting, strong doors and dead-bolt locking systems, will provide peace of mind that the property is much less likely to fall victim to burglary.

Commercial safes are another key security measure to have installed in your business. By having a commercial safe installed, you can be sure that regardless of whether the property is targeted, the most important or valuable items will remain safe.

At SMP, we have a wide range of commercial safes available, all of which have been fully manufactured in the UK. Our range of commercial safes includes insurance approved safes and fire resistant safes, to protect the contents in every eventuality.

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