Grade 1 Safes offer high security solutions for homes & businesses

Published on Thu, Nov 15, 2018 2:43 PM

Grade 1 safes for home or business useThe installation of a Grade 1 safe in your home or business provides the ideal high-security solution for the storage of valuable possessions or company assets. With Grade 1 safes there are a wide range of benefits, by providing a secure storage location for valuables or company assets the overall risk of theft, loss or damage to these items is significantly reduced. Our range of Grade 1 safes offer a high-security solution to the protection of… read more

SMP Security’s safe relocation service offered across the UK

Published on Thu, Nov 8, 2018 10:19 AM

Our safe relocation services provide ease when moving home or officeMoving home or office? Trying to relocate your safe can be a difficult task without specialist equipment, which is why we offer a safe relocation service. There are a wide range of different types of safes, which will all require specialist installation and require professionally uninstalling. Trying to uninstall a safe without specialist equipment or professional training could likely result in damage of the safe or… read more

High Security Cabinets Available At SMP Security

Published on Tue, Oct 23, 2018 8:50 AM

Here at SMP Security we understand the best way to provide secure storage at any time for treasured possessions and important documents is with our range of high security cabinets. Our high security cabinets and security cupboards are ideal for the secure storage of bulky items such as exam papers, power tools, mobile phones and any other valuables prone to theft.At SMP Security we offer a range of high security cabinets and security cupboards to fit many budgets and all come in a large… read more

Different Options for Safes for Small Business Owners

Published on Mon, Oct 15, 2018 1:47 PM

There are many different options when it comes to safes for small business owners. The level of security needs of small business owners can be as diverse as the amount of small businesses around, which is why we at SMP Security have put together a handy guide in order for your small business to easily find the right safe.Does your small business deal with a sizeable amount of cash? Maybe you have a lot of sensitive data about your clients in your possession at any given time. Then there… read more

Choosing Between the Different Locking Options For Safes

Published on Fri, Aug 24, 2018 3:27 PM

Locking options for safesA lot of us ensure the safety of our valuables by storing them in safes but there are so many different locking options for safes, so which do you choose? With such a plethora of locking options for safes from; electronic locks & mechanical combination locks to digital locks & dial combination locks, it is easy to get lost amidst the sheer amount of different locks available. We here at SMP Security have put together a comparison breakdown together detailing each… read more