Air Tube Deposit Systems

Air Tube Deposit Systems

Our Air Tube Deposit System allows cash to be transferred from a cash till, via pneumatic tube, directly into a safe at another part of the building such as the cash office. Perfect for retail environments, air tube deposit safes help to avoid hold-ups on the shop floor as cash is being transported from one area of the building to a more secure area – protecting not only the cash but your staff as well.

We manufacture air tube deposit safes ourselves, offering a Made in Britain solution to our customers – which doesn’t just guarantee the safes we make are excellent quality – it also guarantees that they meet both British and European safe standards… Read more…

  • Can be fitted to safes Grade 0 – 5
  • Ideal for use in retail environments
  • Secure cash transfer
  • Reduce risk and value of checkout snatches


Our unique pneumatic tube system allows capsules of money to be deposited into a tube system at a collection point situated at the till. The capsule is taken through a tube system and deposited directly into a locked commercial safe.

  • Avoids hold-ups on the shop floor whilst carrying money to the cash office.
  • Money is deposited on a regular basis, keepingĀ the amount in the till minimal.
  • Capsules are securely deposited into a locked safe out of site and fitted with a time delay unit.
  • Gives peace of mind knowing staff are not going to be attacked carrying large amounts of money across shop floors.
LA GARD 702 Digital Safe Lock

La Gard 700 Series
Modle 702

  • 28 Users
  • 6-digit combination
  • Audit trail 500 Events
Dormakaba Axessor USB Locking Option - Digital Safe Lock - Electronic Locking Option

Axessor USB

  • 18 Users, 2 Master code,
    1 Manager code, 1 Courier code
  • Time delay
  • Audit with time stamp
Tecnosicurezza MiniTech Safe Lock - Electronic Safe Lock - Digital Safe Lock


  • 48 Users, 1 Manager, 1 Master
  • Time delay
  • Time and date audit

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