Reconditioned Strong Room & Vault Doors

Reconditioned Strong Room & Vault Doors

As UK manufacturers of high-security doors, we provide a reconditioned doors service – sprucing up second-hand security doors so they look & function like new. We can offer a range of high-security Reconditioned Strong Room & Vault Doors for our clients, allowing them to sufficiently secure access points to or within their premises. Our refurbished SR/Vault Doors are available in Grades 2 – 10 to provide our clients with a secure solution for the protection of valued assets within their premises at a highly competitive rate. Opting for a second-hand Strong Room or Vault Door will still provide the same unparalleled level of security that a newly manufactured Security Door would provide, only at a lower cost… Read more…

  • 2-year warranty
  • Fitted with new locking mechanisms
  • Full service, health and safety inspection
  • Available in Grades 2-10


Our Reconditioning Service not only provides benefit to our clients as they’re able to find a high-security solution at a competitive rate but it also provides environmental benefits as we’re able to reuse previously owned Security Doors, Safes, Cabinets and even Vaults and prevent second-hand security solutions from being scrapped or dumped in landfills.

When reconditioning Strong Room and Vault Doors, we fit them with new locking mechanisms where necessary, conduct a full service and inspection, and even give them a fresh coat of paint so they are not only perfectly functioning but also look the part as well.

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