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Jetting off abroad? Keep your home safe!

24th March 2022

Jetting off abroad for a holiday is very exciting. More so now, after everything that happened in the past couple of years, people are finally looking to be back at the skies. Whether that’s to a dream holiday destination or to visit loved ones after a long time apart. Once the holiday is all organised, the next thing on the to-do list is to ensure that your home has a decent level of protection when you’re away. Making sure that you take precautions will allow you to have better rest and worry less when you’re enjoying your well-deserved time off. We wanted to make things a little bit easier for you and collate some key information about valuable security precautions before you leave:

Invest in a home alarm system. Whether you decide to have a smart-alarm system or a monitored alarm system – both provide a good level of security. Monitored systems are beneficial in case the place you’re travelling to is relatively isolated, possibly with a poor phone connection. In that case, the monitored system supplies an extra level of security.

Ask a friend or a family member to keep an eye on your house. Before you jet off to your holiday, ask someone to look over your house. Get them to come in daily to double-check your doors, windows, back entrances, garage or any other risk areas. 

Ensure that your lawn is mowed before you go away. If you did not manage to do that, organise someone to come to do that when you are away. Of course, with a close friend or family being present. It’s important to keep your lawn in shape as it can attract attention and imply that you are not currently home.

Don’t post that you’re abroad on social media. Do that when you’re back. This is another obvious tip, but many people still let the world know what flight they’re getting onto, which hotel they’re staying in, who they travel with, and even how long their trip will take. Even though you might not have millions of pounds worth of valuables at home, your home is still at risk of theft. The burglars might break your windows and doors to enter your house, which will cost money to replace or repair. Share your beautiful holiday memories after you get back when you are already home.

Keep your valued items in a secure place. Your most important possessions such as jewellery, watches, family heirlooms or any other items that are very dear to you should be locked away in a secure safe. In case you don’t own one – consider leaving your valued items in a safe deposit centre. That’s a great short term solution for that particular reason; however, we do recommend considering investing in a home safe.

Update your lighting to Smart Lighting. Using Smart Lighting not only can save finances but also improve your home security when you are away. The smart bulbs contain software that allows controlling lights remotely. Some software has “holiday modes”, which acts as a theft deterrent; it randomly turns on and off to mimic someone at home.

It’s imperative that you take these precautions as a standard before you jet off to your holiday destination. The security industry is constantly evolving, and there are always new developments that can provide even higher levels of protection. Stay up to date and keep yourself safe at all times. 

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