Community Grade 5 Safe

Our UK manufactured SMP Community Grade 5 is the result of several years of meticulous design, development and in-house testing. It features £100,000 cash cover and £1,000,000 valuables cover, providing the ideal secure storage solution for a variety of commercial premises. The Community Grade 5 range has also been independently tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), to EN1143-1 European Standards.


Twin Locking - Class 2 Keylock and 4 wheel combination as standard.

Four way engagement - three moving Bolts.

Recommended cash cover: £100,000.00*.

*Up to ten times the actual cash cover can be covered for Jewellery.

All Cash Covers and Jewellery covers should be verified with customers individual insurance companies.

To find out more about this safe, telephone 01952 585673 or  email us.


Adjustable Shelves 
Adjustable shelves are available for all units. Heavy duty shelving is available on request, as an option.

Anti Bandit Coffer
Designed to defeat on-site hold-up. Of robust construction, fitted with electronic locking and varied time delay settings. Fitted ex-works or retrofit.

Deposit Systems

- Angle Deposit Chutes
- Drawer Type Traps
- Rotunda Traps
- Letter Slots.

are available for all models, however there may be some restriction regarding sizes - please check with the SMP Sales Office.

Full Width Drawer
Lockable drawer with prepared positions for securing internally, 75mm high.

Half Width Drawer
Lockable drawer with prepared positions for securing internally, 75mm high.

Lockable Cupboards
Single or dual locking. Of robust construction, fitted into any position within the safe. Time delay control locks are available as an optional extra.

Time / Time Delay Locks
Time and time delay locks, both mechanical and digital can be fitted to all units. Some digital locks can be linked into the Redcare or Alarm System via an Interface - please ask for details.

Internal (mm) External (mm) Weight Volume
Model H W D H W D kg ltr
Size 0 500 500 400 740 740 720 884 100
Size 1 600 500 400 840 740 720 972 120
Size 2 900 500 400 1140 740 720 1291 180
Size 3 1200 500 400 1440 740 720 1607 240
Size 4 1500 500 400 1740 740 720 1917 300