SMP Fire Door

Door & Boltwork

The outer door plate is 6mm thick, high-grade steel (BS 4360-43A), reinforced to 12mm around the edges by the integral lock case sections. The total thickness of the door is 142mm. The front edge of the door is secured by five 32mm diameter moving bolts operated by a lever handle, while the back edge is secured by five fixed bolts of the same diameter. Standard fitting of internal emergency release.


The bolt-work is secured by either a seven lever, anti-drill key-lock or a four-wheel keyless combination lock. The lock is protected by a 20mm thick drill-and torch-resisting cast plate, giving a total thickness over the lock of 50mm. Multi-locking facilities and time lock fitted as required.

Anti-Explosive devices

A randomly positioned live re-locking device is fitted, giving protection against explosives or force.

Fire Protection

Heat resisting material is secured to the lock case cover.

Door Frame

The door frame is constructed of 100mm x 100mm x 12mm angle with a flat bottom bar. The door and frame may be secured by either grip-lugs or a grip frame and tie bars, or else by vestibule plates and a grip-frame.

As with all SMP doors, we offer bespoke options to suit customer requirements.