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Benefits of an underfloor safe

18th February 2022

Exploring the benefits of an underfloor safe

Investing in a safe for your business or home is the most secure way of storing your valuables. Keeping important documents and money locked away ensures protection against theft, loss or damage. There are many different types of safes, such as free-standing, deposit, wall, and underfloor safes. This article will discuss the benefits of an underfloor safe for both uses in homes and businesses.

Underfloor safes are ideal for homes or offices with limited space. Because the safes are installed under the flooring, this dramatically reduces the amount of space they take up. Deposit underfloor safes, however, do protrude slightly above ground level. Hence, if you’re considering having one of these installed, make sure it is out of the general footpath of the room to prevent people from tripping.

There isn’t the downside of the visibility of your safe, as there would be with a free-standing safe. Having a safe under your flooring prevents anyone from becoming aware that you have one. This can prevent anyone from targeting your premises as they may think you have a safe and have valuable possessions that they could attempt to steal. Although getting into a locked safe is very difficult, if not impossible. However, for some people seeing that you have a safe could be enough to believe they could find other valuable items around the house or office.

Any type of safe prevents the loss or misplacement of items. Countless passports, forms of identification, wallets and other important belongings go missing each year, and these can cost heaps to replace. You won’t need to shell out costly replacements by storing these in your underfloor safe. Furthermore, you will be able to quickly grab them from their secure location before you go out. Keeping them inside your underfloor safe can therefore prevent unnecessary stress. In addition, underfloor safes can protect your valuables from damage and even natural disasters. Having a water-tight, fire-resistant, underfloor safe installed will protect any items stored in it if the worst were to happen and your home or office caught fire or flooded.

Finally, one of the most important benefits of underfloor safes is providing peace of mind. This is something you can’t put a price on when it comes to protecting your expensive or valued possessions. Storing these items in ‘hidden places’ around the home or office can leave you frequently worrying about the safety of these items. Keeping them in an underfloor safe eradicates the stress of having valuables left lying around.

We not only deliver the underfloor safes, but we can fully install them by removing the concrete in your floor to fit the safe in and then filling the rest of the flooring in. We make sure to do everything we possibly can to ensure the best security solutions for our customers.

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