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Enjoy Bonfire Night safely

4th November 2022

Bonfire Night Safety

It is important to remember to celebrate safely on Bonfire Night. Here are some tips for staying safe on Bonfire Night.

Ensure there is enough space

Keep an eye on your surroundings when building a bonfire, shooting fireworks on the drive, or attending a busy display. If you have bonfires and fences around your home, make sure guests stay well away from them. Make sure there are no hidden pets or wild animals beneath the fire before lighting it.

Handle sparklers carefully

Even though sparklers have long been a source of fun at this time of year, children and adults should know how to use them safely. When handling sparklers, wear gloves and keep them at arm’s length. Once the sparkler has been used up, place it in a bucket of water to cool off. It is not advisable to give sparklers to children under five.

Make sure you wear appropriate clothing

If you are going to be around naked flames during Halloween and Bonfire Night, make sure you are wearing sensible clothing with no loose material and tying your long hair back at all times.

Make wise fireworks choices

If you plan to display fireworks in your garden, make sure they include the BS 7114 mark. Fireworks should be stored in a metal box once they’ve been brought home, and a torch should be kept nearby while lighting them. Never return to a lit firework, and always keep water or sand nearby in case of an emergency.

Keep pets comfortable

Most Pets don’t enjoy Bonfire Night. They often cower behind furniture in fear when they hear loud bangs and other noises. Make sure their night is as stress-free as possible. To reduce the sound of explosions, close all windows and doors and draw curtains. If they’re sitting scared in a corner, don’t try to coax them out as It will only cause more upset.

Make sure you clean up afterwards

Once your guests have left, make sure there are no unlit fireworks lying around the site. Watch the dying bonfire until it’s completely extinguished and pour water on it instead of leaving it.



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