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Grade 2 safes

16th August 2021

High-security Grade 2 safes from SMP

At SMP Security, our UK manufactured grade 2 safes are available in a wide range of sizes, ideally suited towards both domestic premises and commercial premises. Our range of Eurograde safes has been tested and certified to ensure they meet both British and European standards, ensuring they provide the required level of security for the protection of the valued assets stored within them. Choosing the necessary, safe grade for your home security or business security needs is simple with SMP Security due to our extensive range of solutions available.

Our UK manufactured Eurograde safes are available in grades 0 to 5, offering between £6,000 and £100,000 in recommended overnight cash cover. The security gradings allow our clients to choose the ideal solution for their secure storage needs. Whether you are a homeowner, small business owner or run a multi-national corporation, our high-security graded safes offer the ideal solution for everyone’s needs.

Our grade 2 safes offer £17,500 in recommended overnight cash cover and £175,000 in recommended overnight valuables cover, offering the ideal in-between solution to suit domestic and commercial needs. With our grade 2 safes available in an array of sizes, they offer a high-security storage solution tailored to fulfil a variety of needs.

At SMP Security, our grade 2 safes can be fitted with a wide range of locking options tailored towards the client’s preference. We offer manual key locking solutions, electronic and digital locks, combination locks, time delay locks and even biometric locking solutions where necessary. Providing our clients with the ability to decide on the ideal locking option for their personal needs ensures that the security solution they acquire fulfils the requirements and specifications they may have.

As with any of the graded safes at SMP Security, our grade 2 safes are stringently tested to ensure they meet both British and European standards, providing certification to our clients that the high-security solution they receive from SMP Security offers exceptional levels of protection for their valued goods. The testing and certification ensure that our range of Eurograde safes, including our grade 2 safes, meet the standards for insurance approval. Our range of graded safes are approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors, which allows our clients to attain insurance cover via their provider to further protect their valued assets, should they so desire.

Whether you are searching for the ideal safe for home security or business security needs, at SMP Security, our expert team are on-hand to provide any necessary advice, information or assistance you may require. We have our own team of in-house safe and lock engineers who work across the entirety of the UK, offering our expertise through safe delivery and installation services, relocation and removal services and safe service and maintenance.

Get in touch to find out more about our UK manufactured grade 2 safes or enquire about the ideal security solution for your needs today. Give us a call on 01952 585 673 to discuss your requirements with a member of our expert team.

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