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Grade 4 Safes

22nd October 2021

We are a leading manufacturer and provider of UK graded safes. We have extensive experience in safe manufacturing for both domestic and commercial premises. Moreover, we strive to improve and expand our product range to ensure that we meet every customer’s needs. Whether you are a business owner or have valuable items at home valued at over £600,000, our Grade 4 safe range is the perfect security solution for you.

Recommended for these key sectors:

  • Domestic
  • Retail
  • Public sector
  • Leisure/Hospitality
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Financial

Key details

Our Grade 4 safe provides exceptionally high levels of security due to its design and manufacture. A range of sizing and bespoke options are available so you can customize the safe to fit your exact needs. Our Grade 4 safes are tested and certified by LPCB, and are built to European standards for safes EN 1143-1:2015 and manufactured according to ISO9001. In addition to the standard dual key locks, additional electronic locking options are available.

We have a wide range of deposit options for business owners with high cash flow, including envelope slots, air tubes, secure inner cupboards, and capsule deposit systems. Furthermore, grade 4 safes have up to 60 minutes of fire protection for paper. Hence, it’s a great security solution if you are planning on storing essential documents. Our SMP, grade 4 safes are also AIS approved, making it an even better and more secure security option for you.

Our services

Here at SMP, we not only manufacture safes, but we also pride ourselves on providing all necessary services. Our experienced in-house team can provide you with:

  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Relocation
  • Removal 
  • Service
  • Maintenance

Give us a call on 01952 585673 or email us if you need some additional assistance when choosing a safe or if you think you would benefit from our bespoke safe service.

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