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31st March 2021


At SMP Security, we offer a vast range of high-security, AiS approved, Eurograde 6 safes. These safes are an ultimate secure storage solution for both commercial and domestic use. Our grade 6 safes are manufactured here in Britain and are designed to protect your valuables to the highest levels of security. Whether you need the safe for holding large amounts of cash, jewellery, important documents – we can ensure that our safes can fit all of your requirements.


We currently have 8 sizes with dual key locking available to order. However, if you require a electronic or biometric locking – not a problem, we can install that for you. Our safes are tested, certified by LPCB and meets all required manufacturing standards here in the UK as well as Europe. When it comes to fire ratings, Grade 6 safes have 60min fire protection and is tested according to BS476 Part 20. The Grade 6 safes are highly popular for commercial use, as they can hold up to £150k cash and £1.5 million in valuables. It’s a perfect security solution whether you need to protect your business from theft or unwanted personnel gaining access to any of your goods or you need to secure your valuables at home.

Our product range does not end with only Grade 6 safes. Our safe range start from Grade 0 up to 6 to ensure that we can provide great security solutions and meet all the customer requirements. However, rest assured that if you have more specific requests, we can make your safe bespoke. Our in-house designers will work together with you throughout the process, providing you with CAD drawings and sketches to match requested specifications. By having a team in-house allows us to achieve the highest levels of quality and satisfaction as we are able to communicate easily and reduce the risk of mistakes during the process.

Our company not only manufacture, but also able to supply you with:

If you are looking for a safe for your business or personal needs, give us a call on 01952 585673 and our team will be able to support you and answer the questions you may have.

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