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Retail Security – everything you need to protect your assets

11th December 2020

Investing in proper Retail Security measures is vital – without them, your business is at a much greater risk.

Making sure that your business is protected should be top of your priority list. Surely you don’t want to risk leaving the fate of your valued goods to chance?

At SMP Security, we’re here to help.

Helping you secure your business is what we do best, aside from our UK manufacturing, of course. We take business security seriously, providing high-security solutions for a wide range of business sectors including retail.

When operating in the retail sector, your business may be more highly prone to criminal activity such as shoplifting or till hold-ups – so you really need to make sure your security measures are up to scratch.

What retail security solutions does SMP provide?

We produce a wide range of security solutions to meet the needs of all industries. Seeing as we manufacture them ourselves, we can guarantee that we have the goods to secure your goods.

Whether you’re looking for a free-standing safe, deposit safe options, security doors or even strong room installations, whatever you need, we can provide it all.

Deposit Safes

Not sure what the difference between free-standing safes and deposit safes is?

Essentially, safes with deposit features, like air-tube systems, drawer-trap functions, envelope slots or rotary/rotunda additions, allow for the deposit of cash or valuables into the body of the safe without having to provide several staff members with their own set of keys or code.

For some businesses, giving multiple people access works just fine, but in others, this could mean you’re opening yourself up to a potential loss, loss of keys or forgotten codes can be a hassle to sort out and with so many people accessing the safe regularly, things could very well go missing.

By having a deposit safe installed by one of our highly-skilled engineers will provide a secure solution, perfect for retail premises, allowing items that need to be protected to be stored quickly and efficiently.

Steel Security Doors

Don’t just secure items within your premises, secure the premises itself.

Security doors are a great way to prevent unauthorised access to the building. Why not make sure the forefront of your business is secured? It’s only going to provide extra peace of mind.

Not only will a security door reduce the likelihood of someone without permission entering your property, but SMP’s steel doors also help to prevent fires spreading within the premises should one break out.

Plus, our steel doors can also be customised, offering a bespoke security door to suit your exact requirements.

Bespoke Safes

Whatever security solution you and your business require, we can provide it.  We’ve got the ability, the skill, the tools and the materials to manufacture the ideal bespoke solution.

If your business requires a specific level of security which can’t be found in our range of products then get in touch and our team will design and create the perfect security product tailored specifically for you.

Let SMP help you meet your business security needs

If you feel as though your business could benefit from an increase in security then why not get in touch? At SMP we have all of the resources required to provide a high-security solution for your business, whether that’s bespoke or part of our product range and the best part? It’s all Made in Britain.

Call us on 01952 585 673 to discuss your requirements today.

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