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21st September 2021

Are you moving home or office?

Trying to relocate your safe can be a difficult task without specialist equipment, which is why we offer a safe relocation service. There is a wide range of different types of safes, which will all require specialist installation and require professionally uninstalling. Trying to uninstall a safe without specialist equipment or professional training could likely damage the safe or the floor it has been installed to. At SMP Security, we offer a safe relocation service to ensure that damage to the safe or floor when moving premises.

Having your safe installed is vital in ensuring the highest level of protection for valued assets can be maintained. Without the proper installation, safes are left at risk of theft. However, when moving premises from one where there has been a safe installed, clients must seek a safe relocation service, such as ours, as we offer expert advice and our safe engineers are fully trained in using specialist equipment. Without such specialist equipment attempting a safe relocation could cause a plethora of health and safety issues.

Our safe relocation service will ensure that your safe is transported securely from the old location to the new location. Moving premises is stressful enough without deciding whether to attempt to uproot the safe yourself or leave the safe there and replace it. Choosing our safe relocation service for secure safe moving will prevent any additional stress or worry. Our teams can uninstall your safe using their specialist equipment in no time and transport it securely to your new location, where it can then be reinstalled.

The assurance of both health and safety is of vital importance when moving premises. Not only do safe removal and safe moving require specialist equipment to do so, but it also requires the specialist technique, and without this, whoever is attempting to remove the safe may get injured. Safes require the specialist equipment used both when a safe is installed and during safe removals and relocation services.

Our safe engineers work across the entirety of mainland UK, operating a nationwide service to assist clients with their safe relocation needs. Our clients can rest assured that during the safe moving process, the safe will remain undamaged and can be reinstalled once moving premises has been completed.
We have a fleet of vans used by our safe engineers, stocked with specialist equipment and parts for every eventuality. Whether you need a domestic safe moving or a larger commercial safe moving, our safe engineers have the skillset to provide you with the best possible safe relocation service.

Are you moving premises and have a safe installed currently that would require specialist equipment through our safe engineers to relocate this for you? Our safe relocation service includes expert advice from our safe engineers on the best and most safe removal possible and can set a call-out date for a time that best suits your needs. Get in touch today to learn more about our safe relocation service and the types of safes we offer at SMP Security. . Give us a call on 01952

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