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SMP high-security storage cabinets

3rd October 2022

In this blog, we want to highlight our high-security storage cabinets. These cabinets are ideal for protecting several valuable goods from robbery: spirits, cigarettes, compact discs, camera equipment, or controlled drugs. They provide an added layer of security to the premises and ensure the cabinet’s contents remain untouched by unauthorised personnel.

What features do the SMP high-security cabinets have?

Our high-security cabinets are made from 6mm-thick steel fully welded and stiffened internally to ensure maximum security. Doors are made from 6mm-thick steel with multi-point locking and a seven-lever safe-quality key.

Not only are these high-security cabinets secure, but they also look professional. Our high-security cabinets are finished in the standard pearl-coloured paint, with a coat of hard-wearing epoxy-polyester which prevents the cabinet from becoming damp or rusted.

We have a range of sizes available to hold the necessary amount of valuables for your business. Our size 5 double-door storage cabinets are fitted with an interlock system to give good protection from criminal attacks.

How do the SMP high-security cabinets compare to others on the market?

Here at SMP, we have created cabinets in all shapes and sizes that offer various levels of security. Many other brands, such as Phoenix and Chubb, also offer secure storage solutions. These brands offer largely similar products, so what sets our products aside?

First and foremost, our products are entirely manufactured in the UK. They can be made to order, ensuring the customer always receives a product that has been built to a high standard and matches all their requirements and specifications. Due to our UK manufacturing plant, lead times for our high-security cabinets can be drastically lower than other brands that would have to ship the product to the UK.

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