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Steel Security Doors

11th February 2022

The door is the primary security line that protects you from intruders. Therefore, steel security doors are a highly effective option when your house or business needs that extra level of security. Not only does it provide a strong barrier against burglars, but it also provides fireproof technology against fire hazards. Furthermore, they are extremely tough and can withstand high levels of pressure.

Generally, choosing the right security door goes hand in hand with the level of protection that you will need.

Quality security doors

Our security doors are manufactured from high-quality materials, which incorporate a multiple point check system. Furthermore, the doors undergo rigorous testing to ensure that it meets international standards. The doors are available either in heavy-duty or in the standard version. The main difference is the thickness of the steel in the making of the door and frame. In situations where the doors are required to be heavy-duty, you can choose to have a double-locking system, which is an excellent option for business premises. 

Roller shutter doors

Roller shutter doors are a highly prevalent security option for commercial premises. Constructed from heavy steel, you can select from a wide range of options, which includes insulated doors, high-security shutters for internal or external use. Furthermore, the roller shutter doors are available in a variety of operations, features, and finishes. 

Bespoke Doors

Our bespoke door service allows you to personalise and design your security solution to fit your exact needs. Our team of experts have a vast amount of experience when it comes to designing and manufacturing security doors that have even the most complex security requests. Whether you have a specific size, door thickness, locking or any other demand, our team will be able to provide you with the best solution available. 

Every aspect of the security steel door design, manufacture, and installation guarantees that you obtain the best security for your domestic and commercial premises. If you have any queries regarding our security door services, feel free to contact our expert team on 01952 585673.

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