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30th May 2022

UK Safe Manufacturing

Here at SMP, we one of the most revered and one of the last remaining UK Safe Manufacturing companies.

We use a combination of traditional methods and modern day machinery in order to construct our top of the range secure storage solutions.

We have our very own in-house design team & expert safe engineers. All of which who have extensive knowledge in their field and industry leading manufacturing team members.

Through the combination of these 3 elements means that we can offer you reduced lead times. This provides you with the perfect solution for you without any hindrances such as overseas shipping.

A 5 year warranty is offered on all our high security safe. Reiterating that we are offering our customers the highest quality UK manufactured security solutions.

45+ years experience

SMP Security have a renowned reputation within the safe manufacturing industry. We also have had the opportunity to build a supportive and respected clientele over the last 45 years.Meaning that they understand just how high quality our products truly are.

Above all we pride ourselves on being a ‘Made In Britain’ Company; manufacturing UK products which are heads above the rest.

Investing in innovation 

SMP joined Associated Security Solutions in 2013 and since then there has been a large investment pumped into SMP. This investment has focused largely on new machinery, such as CNC machinery which can be digitally programmed to bend, cut, drill and tap the metal automatically. This investment means that SMP can stand out from their competitors and that their products never compromise on quality.

 Increasing output and quality

The investment from Associated Security means that SMP have had the chance to fund high- quality equipment.

This therefore reduces manufacturing time & increases on output without compromising on the quality techniques that we have been using for the last 45 years.

This then creates high quality and high security solutions for both domestic and commercial clients.

Standard and bespoke

Whilst SMP produce well respected cash rated safes, right up to grade 6, we also manufacture cabinets strongrooms as well as having the capacity to fulfil any bespoke requirements you may have.

All safes produced by SMP Security are designed to meet and exceed the requirements of the European Safe testing.

Testing which is outlined in LPS 1183 Issue 4, as well as the European standard for safes EN 1143-1:2015. These are tested and certified by the LPCB and manufactured under the control of ISO 9001.

Thanks to joining the Associated Security Solutions Group, the combining provides both companies with exceptional solutions through our UK safe manufacturing, to our clients without the need to use any third parties which means we maintain full control of your projects. This means that you have the ability to customise your bespoke safe without any limits.


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