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What is a Graded Safe?

16th May 2022

What is a graded safe and do I need one?

The term ‘graded safe’ refers to domestic and commercial safes which have been tested to Eurograde standards.

These are safes which are tested undergo rigorous tests. This ensures the customers are provided with the required protection for each grading level.


How does grading work?

Grading can seem daunting but in the most simple of terms ‘Graded safes’ are generally available from Grade 0-6 and each of these offer cash and valuables cover.

Basically, a Grade-0 Safe offers £6000 cash cover and £60,000 valuables cover; (a quick tip: valuables cover will always be 10x the cash cove amount right up to a Grade 6 offering £150,000 and £1.5M valuables cover.

The ability to offer protection for such valuable belongings means that certain standards have to be met and a certification provided.

Our safes are tested and certified to LPS 1183 Issue 4 by the LPCB – or the Loss Prevention Certification Board.

They’ve been around for over 100 years, working alongside insurers & industry professionals to ensure fire & security products function as effectively as possible.


Do insurers look for a graded safe?

Graded safes are typically insurance approved; meaning that insurance companies are kept happy and that the contents of your safe can be added to your insurance plan.

Insurance approved safes, or as you may have seen them called, AiS approved safes, are vetted by the Association of Insurance Surveyors.


Is fire protection important?

Fire protection is also another factor you have to keep in mind when making the decision to buy a safe and it is also another test Eurograde Safes must be tested to.

The most common level provided is protection for up to 60 minutes for paper documents – specifically, BS 476 Part 20.

This protection covers any paper items inside your safe against heat and fire damage for up to an hour. This means that in the worst-case scenario, such as a house fire, you won’t have to worry about items such as passports, deeds etc as your safe has done its job.

What does having a graded safe do for me?

Normal, ungraded safes are always available but never give you the reassurance and peace of mind that a graded safe will.

One of our safes will make you feel as if a weight’s been lifted off your shoulders and give you a better nights sleep as well, knowing that your valuables are under some of the best protection available.


In summary:

Our safes offer cash and valuables cover starting from £6000 cash cover, and these safes are subject to extreme testing and certification to Eurograde standards. They also have a stamp of approval of insurance protection which gives you peace of mind.


This table is to give you a better idea of what each of the grades can offer to you and how much protection they really do give:


grade 0 safe – £6,000 cash cover & £60,000 valuables cover


grade 1 safe–  £10,000 cash cover & £100,000 valuables cover


grade 2 safe – £17,500 cash cover & £1750,000 valuables cover


grade 3 safe – £35,000 cash cover & £350,000 valuables cover


grade 4 safe – £60,000 cash cover & £600,000 valuables cover


grade 5 safe – £100,000 cash cover & £1M valuables cover


grade 6 safe – £150,000 cash cover & £1.5M valuables cover


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