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Why Should We All Buy British?

2nd March 2022

British Manufacturing – A History

Britain has a long and rich history of manufacturing dating back to the 18th-century industrial revolution. The industrial revolution began with many technological innovations. The British excelled in textiles, iron, steel manufacturing, engineering and shipbuilding sectors. Furthermore, the country has also excelled within the food, drink, tobacco, paper, printing and publishing industries. 

Even though the UK holds a position in the world’s top 10 Manufacturing Nations rankings, the country has seen a decline in manufacturing output in recent years. In 2021, the manufacturing sector accounted for only 10% of the total UK economic output (down from 48% in 1948). This has prompted a call from campaigners for the people of Britain to support the British manufacturing industry. 

Why Buy British?

There are an incredible amount of benefits when buying British but here are just a few:

1. By buying British, you are buying products which you can track easily. Whether it is fresh food from your local farmer or clothes made from textiles close to home, you can always check where your products are manufactured.              

2. By tracking where your products come from, you can also guarantee the quality and authenticity of each item. British manufacturing has held onto its quality over mass-producing lower quality items throughout history.

3. If you buy an item that needs to be shipped from another country, the lead times will often be affected. If you buy from Britain, you know that it will be on its way to being delivered to your house as soon as it is ready.

4. Suppose you have an issue with the product that has been delivered to you, and you need to call the company to discuss it. In that case, language barriers and overseas phone charges could add up to a hefty amount. Moreover, if requested, the delivery of replacement might take a while (See point 3).

5. The final reason you should buy British wherever possible is because of the positive effects it can have on the British economy. Putting the money that you have earned back into the country’s economy and your community could see the country’s manufacturing industry thrive once again. 

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