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Jewellers security – what you need

7th April 2021

Jewellers security – it’s important you get it right, and that’s where we help.

Whether you’re an independent jeweller or a large chain, the need to protect your high-value assets is the same – and that need is pretty high.

Keeping expensive items secure is extremely important, especially if these expensive items are the goods you sell through your business.

Protecting these will not only help to keep safe the valued items but will also protect staff members and the property itself.

We offer a range of solutions specifically made to benefit jeweller’s security needs which all provide the highest possible level of protection available.

What are the jeweller security options?

Being UK safe manufacturers, this provides us with the opportunity to design, develop and test all our security products to ensure they are of the highest quality and will provide the best level of protection.

Which basically means, we can provide exceptionally crafted jewellers security – tailored to meet the specific needs of this sector.

Our cash safes, deposit safes and even underfloor safes available with overnight cash cover from £6,000 up until £1,000,000 and we even have the ability to provide tailor-made security solutions to suit your specific needs.

Our Ironmaster underfloor safe provides the ideal solution for smaller businesses who may be limited in the space they have available. The safe has a recommended cash rating of £3,500 which equals a £35,000 valuables rating for any jewellery that may need locking up overnight. This safe comes in three different sizes and can be fitted with a deposit feature.

We also have the Custodian underfloor safe which provides a higher level of protection than the Ironmaster. This safe is also ideal for businesses with limited space available, however, this safe has a recommended cash rating of £6,000 and a valuables rating of £60,000 which makes this safe more beneficial for stores with more jewellery to store overnight.

The Envelope slot deposit safe provides added benefits as this allows items to be deposited into the body of the safe without the need to supply all staff members with keys. The envelope slot can be fitted into any of our community range safes which have varying cash and valuables ratings.

Why choose SMP?

We are proud to be one of the last remaining UK safe manufacturers & a Made in Britain business, providing jobs to skilled and experienced engineers and manufacturers around the country. Our team has extensive knowledge of the industry and the requirements needed for the various business sectors we cater to.


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