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Medicine Cabinets

22nd August 2022

What is a medicine cabinet?

Depending on the kind of business you run, you may require varying levels of security solutions to meet your needs and requirements.

In some business industries, there is a distinct need for the storage of drugs and first aid equipment. Where there are controlled drugs, there also must be a high-grade cabinet to protect the products.

Our medicine cabinets provide sufficient protection against theft. Also, it prevents access to anyone who cannot administer their own medication.

What business sectors would require medicine cabinets?

Medicine cabinets are a necessity in some business sectors. This is due to needed restrictions on who can be allowed access. Without the proper security in place, this leaves the opportunity for anyone to get their hands on what’s inside.

You run a significant risk of injury from someone accidentally getting into the cabinet and taking what they shouldn’t be. This may be a small child or an elderly adult, but the risks are all the same.

The main business sector which requires the secure storage of controlled drugs and equipment is education. Therefore ensuring that students cannot gain access to the medication and first aid equipment stored on the premises. In these environments, there must be trained first-aiders on hand within the premises who have access to secure storage.

Leisure and hospitality sectors would also require a secure storage facility for any first-aid or medical equipment they may need to store. This prevents customers or thieves from gaining access to vital equipment that could be required to assist in an emergency.

The pharmaceutical sector is constantly in possession of medication and medical equipment. Without the proper protection, this again puts the business at risk. Hospitals, GP surgeries and walk-in centres must use secure storage methods to keep the equipment and medication off-limits to anyone but staff members. Medicine cabinets prevent accidents from occurring or medication being administered incorrectly or without sufficient supervision.

Therefore, leaving medical equipment and medication unsecured could create dangerous situations if let into the wrong hands or could prevent assistance in an emergency if equipment and medicine had been stolen.

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