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What Kind of Safe Do I Need?

22nd July 2022

Here at SMP Security, we have provided commercial and domestic security solutions for over 45 years. These come in a range of models, from safes to cabinets and vaults, as well as various sizes. So how do you select the right safe box?


How do I choose the right safe?

To help you decide what kind of safe you need, we have created a guide to the security solutions we have on offer.


Cash safes

Cash safes are designed to store money and other valuables. They can be used in both domestic and commercial settings, holding a recommended overnight cash cover of £6,000–£100,000. Our cash safes comply with British and European Standards, including LPS 1183 Issue 4 and EN 1143-1:2015, and provide 60 minutes of fire protection for paper.


Deposit safes

Deposit solutions are ideal for jewellers, betting shops, small business security, petrol forecourts, and other retailers. They provide high-security solutions for cash and other valuables, removing any need to open the safe door. This allows multiple members of staff to have access without putting the contents at risk.


Security cabinets

Security cabinets are used for the storage of high-value assets and controlled medicines. They are therefore highly suited to retail security, medical premises, educational premises, law enforcement security, and commercial offices. Our security cabinets are manufactured to include medicine and drugs compartments.


Custodian underfloor safes

Underfloor safes are a discreet storage solution for both domestic and commercial purposes. We offer two designs to choose from – the custodian underfloor safe and the ironmaster underfloor safe – which are suitable depending on how regularly cash is dispensed.


Security doors

Security doors are suitable for a variety of commercial security needs. Each security door is custom-made, providing a tailored solution for each customer. The range includes vault doors, high-security fire exit doors, and security doors.


Vaults and strong rooms

Vaults and strong rooms offer the highest level of security for your premises. These can be trusted with all manner of company assets, from important documentation to valuable goods. They come available in Grades 2 to 13 EXCD and are certified according to European Standard EN-1143-1.


Reconditioned Safes

We also offer reconditioned safes, reconditioned cabinets, reconditioned strong rooms and vault doors, and reconditioned vaults. All of our reconditioned solutions come with a 2-year warranty and are reconditioned to the highest standard.


Bespoke safes and cabinets

To fulfil the unique specifications of each and every one of our clients, we have a team of in-house designers ready to curate bespoke safes and cabinets, meaning we can offer security solutions which are individually created to suit specific domestic and commercial needs.


How big of a safe do I need?

Our secure storage units come in a range of different sizes. The desired size depends on various factors, from the nature of the use to the items you plan to store inside. Domestic safes, for example, may not require as much room as a commercial one. To find out more, speak to a member of the SMP Security team.

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